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Over the weekend, my friend Chris and I shot a video that as 3 months in the making.

3 months ago, we challenged one another to buy an outfit for each other with a $50 budget on AliExpress, China's version of Amazon. While everything I purchased for Chris arrived within a month, Chris had bought me a headband that went MIA. After 3 months of back-and-forth messages with the vendor, which also included an intervention from AliExpress themselves, the headband was deemed forever lost "in transit" and Chris got his money back (it was only $2). 

While Chris is editing the video, see below for a preview of the outfits we bought each other.

emilymeiliu_aliexpress shoot_chris_1
emilymeiliu_aliexpress shoot_emily_1
emilymeiliu_aliexpress shoot_emily_2
emilymeiliu_aliexpress shoot_chris_2
emilymeiliu_aliexpress shoot_chris_3