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To be quite honest, I've been taking and sharing so many more photos the past few months that I'm running out of ways to start my blog posts. I'm also running out of titles—hence the odd word choice for this post's title.

"Of course, this isn't a game that lets a gentleman lose twice" comes from one of my childhood video games, Kingdom Hearts II. One of the bosses you fight is a gambler, and because I had my model use playing cards as a prop, I figured a quote from this game was appropriate for the title (and caption for my IG post).

Either way, without further ado, below are select favorites from my phototshoot with actor James Tang:

emilymeiliu_james tang_1
emilymeiliu_james tang_2
emilymeiliu_james tang_3
emilymeiliu_james tang_4
emilymeiliu_james tang_5
emilymeiliu_james tang_6
emilymeiliu_james tang_7
emilymeiliu_james tang_8
emilymeiliu_james tang_9
emilymeiliu_james tang_10
emilymeiliu_james tang_11
emilymeiliu_james tang_12
emilymeiliu_james tang_13