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Because most indoor photography happens in settings with poor lighting, I avoid shooting indoors.

However, when Alle approached me for a photoshoot, of course I chose a location that was indoors—The Last Bookstore. The Last Bookstore is one of LA's last standing bookstores in the midst of rising digital and corporate takeovers. In addition to their wide selection of books (ranging from poetry to literature to even books that only serve as decorations for your living quarters), they sell records from musicians of old and even have a gallery featuring up and coming artists.

Aside from its clear photogenic setting, I chose the Last Bookstore for Alle's photoshoot because she is a writer and film director. Oftentimes, the first object that comes to mind when one thinks of a director is a video camera. However, when a story is being brought to life, there are so many steps that have to be taken before the director even touches the camera.

One of the crucial steps is scriptwriting. Scripts are the backbone of every story being told—they define the who, what, when, and where of everything. And where do writers go to get their creative juices flowing? Cafes and bookstores (and the Internet, but that doesn't sound as fancy)!

Given the lighting challenges that the Last Bookstore presented, I can't say this is my most aesthetically pleasing shoot. To compensate for that however, I brought my own prop—a magical book that lights up when opened. After adding some magical light streaks to the photos, it's like the Last Bookstore is the gateway to Hogwarts, or Narnia, or wherever you'd like to go.

No wonder the Last Bookstore is truly the last bookstore standing.

emilymeiliu_alle_the last bookstore_1
emilymeiliu_alle_the last bookstore_2
emilymeiliu_alle_the last bookstore_3
emilymeiliu_alle_the last bookstore_4
emilymeiliu_alle_the last bookstore_5
emilymeiliu_alle_the last bookstore_6
emilymeiliu_alle_the last bookstore_7
After the Last Bookstore, we went to Faith and Flower for some dinner.

After the Last Bookstore, we went to Faith and Flower for some dinner.